GSC Customer Needs Survey Questionaire

General Space Corporation (GSC) is an aerospace company that plans to provide a private research facility in space. GSC is negotiating the purchase of a Salyut/Mir Service Module space station from Russian manufacturers. We anticipate having a fully operational manned General Space Facility (GSF) in orbit within 36 months of contract signing.

At this time, we are surveying the science, technology, entertainment and advertisment communities to identify all potential users of services aboard this facility. This is a market survey that will try to identify the needs of potential clients. Please describe your needs by answering the following general questions. Feel free to elaborate on your detailed requirements on additional sheets as needed. In approximately three months, General Space will send you a summary of the results of this survey.

If you prefer not to send this information over the Internet, print out the completed form and mail or fax it to GSC.


Corporate Headquarters
957 NASA Road One, Suite 144
Houston, Texas 77058 USA

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