Phobos/Demos Mission Mission Project Charter

Manned Martian Moon Mission

Project Mission Statement

The purpose of this project is to spectacularly expand manned space exploration using commercial funding. The other purpose is to obtain evidence of water ice on the surface of the martian moons and hopefully demonstrate extraction and fuel processing methods.

Project Long Term Goals

Project long term goals are:

  1. Identify and recruit customers interested in space-based product/service advertising or entertainment.

  2. Obtain necessary capital to finance all phases of mission.

  3. Coordinate mission operations with Russian manufacturers, American inflatable manufacturer and operations contractor.

  4. Identify and recruit science customers interested in flying remote sensing hardware.

Project Groundrules

Project groundrules are:

  1. Mission must fly within 3 years of customer contract signing.

  2. Crew will remain suited for 1 day while testing the inflatable structures.

  3. Pilot is an experienced former Cosmonaut with extra-vehiclular activity experience.

  4. Second crewmember is a GSC employee tasked with payload and life science operations.

  5. Third crewmember is an employee of the principal customer and is tasked with performing the customer's mission.

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