Salyut Project Charter

Salyut/Service Module Space Facility

Project Mission Statement

The purpose of the project is to establish a commercial manned space facility.

Project Long Term Goals

Project long term goals are:

  1. Identify and recruit customers interested in flying man-tended space experiments or other space-based activities.

  2. Obtain necessary capital to finance all phases of project.

  3. Coordinate facility operations with Russian manufacturer, American payload data management contractor and operations contractor.

  4. Negotiate contracts with US agencies to provide science data.

Project Groundrules

Project groundrules are:

  1. Mission must fly within 3-1/2 years of primary customers signing contract.

  2. One of the crewmembers will be an experienced former Cosmonaut responsible for Facility primary operations and maintenance.

  3. Other crewmembers will be GSC employees or principal customer employees tasked with customer payload and life science operations.

  4. Facility will capable of extended manned or unmanned operation depending on the payload micro-gravity requirements.

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