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GSC is ready to assist you in finding difficult to locate Russian products, services or publications.

GSC employes expert consultants with decades of experience in the Russian aerospace industry. GSC has developed a network of contacts throughout the Russian aerospace community that can quickly locate a desired product, service or publication for you. GSC can assist in negotiating the purchase of the product, service or publication or facilitate a safe and orderly business trip to Moscow to conduct your business.

GSC's staff and consultants will first assess the apparent difficulty in locating the requested product, service or publication and provide an estimate of the effort involved (i.e., labor hours and associated cost). An authorization to proceed will be requested from the client before GSC personnel start the search.

GSC will document the effort necessary to find the product, service or publication or when the estimated effort has been exceeded. The client must provide written authorization to continue the search for a specified additional number of hours.

GSC also provides the following services to facilitate doing business in Russia:

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GSC corporate policy specifically forbids GSC from engaging in or facilitating the purchase of products, services, or publications deemed illegal by either the United States or Russian governments.

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